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Be Faithful in a Few Things

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So are you looking for that promotion at work?  Are you looking to move to a higher pay grade? Do you ever wonder why you are overlooked for the manager or lead position? There is a parable that can apply to business and really anything in life. You must be faithful in a few things and you will be made ruler over many.  This sounds really simple doesn’t it?  Let me share a story with you.
There once were three men that were hired to dig a ditch. The first man  stood around all day dreaming about owning his own company, the second man worked but complained all day long about how much he disliked his job, the third man was quite and worked circles around the other two men.  A few years had passed, guess which man became owner of the company, the third man who kept quite and was faithful at his job.  This can be a lesson to all of us, if we want something we need to be faithful at the job at hand. 

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Flamer hack attempt (seen as a funded group of hackers) shut down by Norton Internet Security. Check your own virus software for protection!

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Click on this link below to get all the article from Norton.  It briefly says..       As with the previous two threats, this code was not likely to have been written by a single individual but by an organized, well-funded group of people working to a clear set of directives. Certain file names associated with the threat are identical to those described in an incident involving the Iranian Oil Ministry.             


Please check your own virus software for protection of this.

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Linux Dedicated Server – Hosting Excellence – Fast – Secure – Reliable

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SoZo Hosting offers linux dedicated server with linux centos, redhat and other versions of linux upon request. We are now also offering Solaris as a dedicated server option.

SoZo Hosting offers a range of systems from basic affordable dedicated servers to more robust quad core processor systems. We are always monitoring your servers and the network to ensure all systems are operating optimally.

Let us provide you with a custom linux dedicated server to meet your business needs today. 

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Windows The Cloud – Virtual Machines – Cloud Applications

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SoZo Hosting offers windows the cloud or windows cloud servers, linux the cloud or linux cloud servers and cloud applications.

With cloud servers you can quickly add additional memory, processor or disk space to a system, reboot and your up and running. Our cloud servers are built with enterprise hypervisors and storage area network solutions.

Do you want to access your applications from anywhere, on any device. With SoZo cloud applications you can do this. Don’t worry about licensing costs or managed IT services, this is all done with SoZo cloud applications for an affordable monthly fee. Choose from microsoft applications and custom desktop applications.