Web Full Page Ad less that $160 per year FLAT RATE. Ad on 20+ Web Directories, 30+ Blog sites. Unlimited clicks and even add a YouTube video on your ad!

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Free Business Directory Site – Sign Up For Free White Pages

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Pay Per Click web advertising programs might be good for the rich but the smaller business that have under a $200 web advertising budget per year want a flat rate.

We have the answer for you!

Get a WEB FULL PAGE AD at less that $160 per year FLAT RATE which is less than what you likely pay on coffee each month.  It is on a promotion now to saving you over 30 % off!

Since your web full page ad is an html page, it can be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  It also is showcased on over 20 Web Directories. Unlimited clicks, No Pay Per Click charges and you can even add a YouTube video on your ad!

Your free web advertising account means you can edit your ad as often as you want at no charge. Changes go up the next business day.

Sign up today on this WEB FULL PAGE AD link and get your initial ad designed for you for free on the yearly option while this promotion is on.  So all you have to do is log into your free web advertising account,  tweak any small changes for your new products, services and promotions and you are done!

You can even add all your social media site links to the ad such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and your Blog Site!

Your Web Full Page Ad gives allows 2 of your pictures, 700 characters of your description and multiple links to difference places on your business web site to drive more traffic to your site.  All links are to Google standards! 

Get more exposure on the web at rate you can afford!

Free Business Directory Site – Sign Up For Free White Pages

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